Bermuda is a high-income territory lying in an isolate geographic location in the middle of the Atlantic. This brings with it a range of challenges that make it incomparable with most other jurisdictions in the Caribbean and beyond. The territory is highly sensitive to climate change, even if its role as a financial centre means it is home to a large insurance industry.

From an economic perspective, it faces longstanding challenges with respect to inclusive economic growth, meaning that it may be necessary to look at the size and the role of the Government of Bermuda in economic development.

The Multi-Country Resident Coordinator's Office for Jamaica, The Bahamas, Bermuda, The Cayman Islands and Turks and Caicos Islands, is located in Jamaica and works under the leadership of one United Nations Resident Coordinator, together with UN teams and partners, to advance sustainable development and cooperation in the Caribbean. 

The UN System is poised to deliver results for Bermuda through its pending formalized agreement to the joint framework called the UN Multi-Country Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UN MSDCF) in the Caribbean.

The United Nations Country Team, led by the multi-country Resident Coordinators Office in Jamaica is poised to coordinate the expansion of development support best suited to the unique needs and priorities of Bermuda, as well as leverage the convening and mobilizing power of the UN system to support the advancement of the SDGs and Bermuda's national strategic goals.

Currently, Bermuda receives some technical support through the regional specialized agency for health - Pan American Health Organization/ World Health Organization regional office in the Americas.


Reference: United Nations Resident Coordinator's Office (2021, 2020). Common Country Analysis: Bermuda. In Draft.