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UN Jamaica joins International Coastal Cleanup Day 2017

15 September 2017

  • Statement on International Coastal Clean Up Day 

On behalf of the United Nations Country Team in Jamaica, UN Environment is pleased to lead the United Nations team’s participation in International Coastal Clean-Up Day, Saturday, September 16.

Last year, over 18 million pounds of trash was collected worldwide.

International Coastal Cleanup Day contributes to raising awareness on the importance of protecting our oceans and marine resources from the growing trash problem. 

A large part of our own work here at UN Environment is aimed at achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal # 14 on Oceans. All Life under Water must be preserved, through sustainable use of the oceans, seas and other marine resources. 

Protecting our oceans also requires actions on land and achieving Goal # 11 on Sustainable cities which calls on everyone to reduce, re-use and recycle waste, thus reducing pollution of our oceans and seas. 

In the Caribbean, and especially Jamaica, marine resources are extremely important to the economy, recreation and to industries such as tourism, fishing, manufacturing and agriculture.

This is why it is important for us to keep them clean; for the economy, health, natural beauty, biodiversity and for present and future generations to enjoy.

UN Environment and the UN Country Team are implementing several programmes through the Jamaica Country Implementation Plan to ensure that our goals for the oceans become a reality.

Likewise, International Coastal Clean-Up Teams all over Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world are volunteering for ICC Day 2017. We hope that you too will join us, not only for International Coastal Clean-Up Day, but beyond.

UN entities involved in this initiative

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
International Organization for Migration
United Nations Environment Programme
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
United Nations Population Fund
United Nations Children’s Fund
World Health Organization

Other entities involved in this initiative

International Monetary Fund
World Bank
World Bank

Goals we are supporting through this initiative